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for Friday, 30-Jan-2015














These 6 names were given to our members before market opened today. At about 10am, 2 of these 6 were chosen, based on their initial performance, and StopLoss and Targets were given for these 2. Throughout the day we followed the performance of these 6 stock and gave updates/alerts.


Given below are the Alerts & Updates
we had sent to our members today:



Alerts / Updates for Friday, 30-Jan-2015

SMS Pre-Market

Valid for date: 30-Jan-2015; All for LONG;
See site for full Details


For Today:

NIFTY Resistance levels are: 8980, 9040, 9070, 9100;
NIFTY Support levels are: 8920, 8890, 8860, 8820, 8800;


Pre-Market Alert: 9:15am

A slight gap-up opening but cautious trading is expected from our market today,
tracking mixed global cues as investors continue to digest Wednesday's US Federal
Reserve statement, which failed to clarify when interest rates would begin to rise;
Yesterday, our markets opened in the negative in similar concerns, but the Nifty
bounced back in the last half-hour of trade to reclaim its crucial psychological level
of 8950 on the back of short coverings on the last day of January series supported
by gains in some heavyweights; The Nifty yesterday recorded another all-time closing
high and has gained for the 10th straight session, in the longest rally since April 2014;
Volatility is likely to continue and some more profit booking is expected today; The
Nifty might find it difficult to hold on to the 8950-level initially, but like yesterday, a
smart upside can come in the last hour; Good Support is at 8880-8860 and Strong
Support is at 8820-8800; First Resistance is at 8980 which has to be covered today to
hold on to 8950-level for the Nifty; As always, be very alert; Consider all angles before
you jump in, specially in a falling market; Wait for a good opportunity and then be quick
to take advantage; Take small profit and exit; Buy again if upside continues;
Do not take unnecessary risks; Stay Away if you are not sure;
INR-US$ is at 61.7900; WTI Crude is at $44.53




30Jan(10:00) Gap-up openng; Going down;
See DLF>175 HDIL>109.50;
Watch ARVIND>298 APOLLOTYRE>239.50;
All for LONG if upsurge comes; Details at site -INTDAY


Update-1: 10:00am

A slight gap-down opening for the Nifty today around 8995; The Nifty has been going
down steadily after opening today, and is at 8920 now, in the red; This is a Support
level and will surely halt the downward force of the Nifty for some time; We expect
range bound trading to come in now and we hope 8950-level to be re-gained by the
Nifty; Meanwhile, DLF and HDIL could have already given you some profits following
PricePoints; DLF should have been in at 173 and out at 175; If still in, Hold DLF>175
with a StopLoss of 172; HDIL should have been in at 106 and out at 109.50; If still in,
Hold HDIL>109.50 with a StopLoss of 106; If you have missed these, no problems;
See these if market upturn comes now with increasing volumes:

Name See
to buy
DLF 175 172 176 178 340
HDIL 109.50 106 110 111 540

Also watch ARVIND>298 and APOLLOTYRE>239.50 if upsurge
comes now; Take position in above scrips only if you are
absolutely confident; All for LONG; Stay Away if not sure.




30Jan(11:00) Mkt -ve; Going down; APOLLOTYRE gave profit;
Hold APOLLOTYRE>241.50 if in; No other looks good now;


Update-2: 11:00am

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
ARVIND Going down; But might turn around
DLF In at 173, Out at 109.50 No further action; Very flat at 173 now
HDIL In at 106, Out at 109.50
Stuck at 106
No further action; This is also flat now
APOLLOTYRE In at 239.50, Out at 241.50
Hold>241.50, SL-238
This has taken a pause; There can be more
HINDPETRO Stuck at 641 This does not look very good now
TITAN This has disappointed today till now

Irrespective of what we have written in the box above, none of our Suggests look good
for more profits in LONG at this time; Mainly because the general market is in a grip of
severe profit taking; But good profits have already come in the first hour from 3 of our
Suggests and surely you would have caught any one of them; We feel it is risky to
trade intraday in LONG in this market now; So, be very careful; Stay Away
if you are in doubt; Do not take unnecessary risks;

The Nifty has been going down steadily since opening today; Support at 8920 had
managed to halt the Nifty for some time, but the downward pressure was too much;
The Nifty is at 8890 now, in the red; The important level of 8900 is now under threat;
This 8890 is another Support level, but we do not feel it will be able to reverse the
downward slide of the Nifty; Next Support is at 8860, followed by strong Support
at 8820; Global cues are still mixed, and the Rupee is still weak at 61.7555; There
are no domestic cues; We expect the negative bias to continue till 8860 at least,
but Support at 8820 should hold; We will get some upside for the 8900-level
to be approached later in the day; Avoid taking big risks;
Stay Away if you are not sure.




30Jan(12:30) Mkt in red; Flat; Recovering; HINDPETRO gave
profit; Hold HINDPETRO>665 if in; HDIL APOLLOTYRE
gave 2nd chance; See ARVIND>295; See Site -INTDAY


Update-3: 12:30pm

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
ARVIND See > 295 This is turning around now; Careful..
DLF No further action; Avoid, for now
HDIL In at 108, Out at 109
Hold>109, SL-106
There is a 2nd chance here; Careful..
APOLLOTYRE In at 241, Out at 242.50
Hold>242.50, SL-238
This is also a 2nd chance; There can be more
HINDPETRO In at 643, Out at 665
Hold>665, SL-655
This does not look very good any more;
Be very careful if you are holding..
TITAN Going down; Avoid, for now

HINDPETRO has come and given some surprise profits after our last Update; You
should exit this now, as there does not seem to be anything more in this; Except for
APOLLOTYRE and HDIL, both of whom are on a second run, no other Suggest actually
looks good at this time; For our end-day report today, these two will be reported as one
earning; No second entry; General market is still in bad shape; We say this again: If you
have made adequate profits for today by now, consider closing shop and taking home
your profits; It will be risky to hold on for too long or enter afresh at this time, specially
if the Nifty starts to fall again; Any wrong step can lead you to losses and wipe out
profits already made; Do not take unnecessary risks.

The Nifty has continued with its downward journey after our last Update; The Support
at 8860 was broken, but the next one at 8820 has held strong, as was expected; It
has prevented the Nifty from falling further since about 11:45 am; Nifty is at 8840
now, going flat in the red; Fluctuating in the 8820-8860 band; Global cues are still
mixed, and the Rupee is still weak at 61.8000; But there is a chance that Europe
might open on a strong note; If that happens, we might get our expected upsurge
towards Nifty-8900 towards the end of the day; Meanwhile, we expect the Nifty to
hold the Support at 8820 and carry on with range-bound trading unless we get
some trigger; Do not let your guard down; Keep constant vigil; Be ready for
sudden downsides; Do not take unnecessary risks; Protect your profits.




30Jan(2:30) Mkt in red; Going down; ARVIND HDIL APOLLOTYRE
gave profit; No Suggest looks good for LONG in last hour;
Best to Stay Away now; See Site -INTDAY


Update-4: 2:30pm

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
ARVIND In at 295, Out at 300 Going down after that; Avoid
DLF No further action; Avoid
HDIL Out at 110 Going down now; May turn around again,
But best to Avoid now
APOLLOTYRE Out at 246 Going down now; May turn around again,
But best to Avoid now
HINDPETRO No further action; Avoid
TITAN Going down; Avoid

Like HINDPETRO last time, ARVIND has come and given some surprise profits after our
last Update; Both APOLLOTYRE and HDIL have also added to their profits; General
market is in very bad shape; It is best to Stay Away now and take home your profits;
Do not stretch you luck and risk the profits already made; Any wrong step in the
last hour can lead you to losses and wipe out your profits; Stay Away now.

The Nifty has continued with its downward journey relentlessly after our last Update;
The Support at 8820 has also been broken and the Nifty has gone below 8800; At 8770
now, deep in the red; A massive 220-points down from the day's high of 8990; We feel
the Nifty has bottomed out at this level and will flatten out here, but that is not definite;
Some more downside can still come in the last hour; That is because this down side
has come in spite of a good opening and positive trading in Europe; Asian markets
are mostly red and the Rupee has become weaker and is approaching the 62-mark,
at 61.9150 now; But the profit-booking at our markets is not based on outside cues;
The last hour upsurge towards Nifty-8900 at the end of the day, as expected by us,
is very far away -- we now prey that 8800 by the Nifty is held at closing; The long
bull run by our market will surely come to a halt today and we will get a closing
in the red after 10 consecutive green closings in which life-time highs were
made several times, including one today; Do not take unnecessary risks
in last hour and Stay Away; Today we will close red.



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