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for Tuesday, 28-Oct-2014














These 6 names were given to our members before market opened today. At about 10am, 2 of these 6 were chosen, based on their initial performance, and StopLoss and Targets were given for these 2. Throughout the day we followed the performance of these 6 stock and gave updates/alerts.


Given below are the Alerts & Updates
we had sent to our members today:



Alerts / Updates for Tuesday, 28-Oct-2014

SMS Pre-Market

Valid for date: 28-Oct-2014; All for LONG;
See site for full Details


For Today:

NIFTY Resistance levels are: 8030, 8060, 8100, 8130, 8160;
NIFTY Support levels are: 7980, 7950, 7920, 7880, 7850;


Pre-Market Alert: 9:15am

A flat-to-positive opening is expected today for our markets following mixed
global cues; Yesterday, there was a slow but constant negative trend in our
markets as traders took to profit booking after the good pre-Diwali rally, and
as nervousness engulfed the world markets as investors await the outcome
of a two-day US Federal Reserve policy meeting starting today; If the US Fed
indicates hiking rates sooner than expected, then it may trigger some bit of
sell-off in emerging markets, including India, and may cap further gains, say
experts; Overnight, US stocks ended near flat and paused after the S&P 500's
biggest weekly gain since January 2013, while investors remain optimist about
Federal Reserve's meeting outcome expecting it to maintain dovish stance on
interest rates and a largely accommodative policy over the medium term; Asian
markets are trading mixed with Japanese stocks remaining subdued due to the
persisting decline in global crude price despite upbeat economic data released
before the opening of market; At home, choppiness is expected to remain as
this is Expiry week; The US Fed meeting is also having a strong effect in the
absence of any significant domestic cues; As we have said earlier, the main
job for the Nifty will be to hold 8000-level this week; On the upside, the
Resistance at 8030-8040 is still active today, while 7980 is still the first
Support today; Flat, quiet trading with slow positive bias, is expected;
Keep constant vigil for going intraday in LONG; Carefully pick one or
two trending stocks and track them constantly; Consider all possible
angles before you buy; Act quickly when you get a good chance;
Take small profits and Exit; Buy again, if upside continues;
INR-US$ is at 61.3600; WTI Crude is at $81.00




28Oct(10:00) Positive openng; Going Flat;
Watch DENABANK>65 IDBI>69.20;
All for LONG if upsurge comes; Details at site -INTDAY


Update-1: 10:00am

A slight positive opening for the Nifty today just above 8000-level; Flat and
choppy trading is now seen in the green, in the 8010-8020 range; No particular
trend is seen; 8030 is a strong Resistance, which has been holding since
yesterday, and needs to be crossed for further upside; See these, if
market upturn comes now with volumes:

Name See
to buy
AMBUJACEM 225 222 227 230 260
BHEL 250 247 252 255 240

Also watch DENABANK>65 and IDBI>69.20 if upsurge
comes now; Take position in above scrips only if you are
absolutely confident; All for LONG; Stay Away if not sure.




28Oct(11:00) Mkt in green; Flat & Quiet; No Suggest gave
profit; Watch AMBUJACEM>225 BHEL>250 SINTEX>94
now if mkt turns up; See Site -INTDAY


Update-2: 11:00am

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
AMBUJACEM See > 225 Old levels still valid; Watch this
BHEL See > 250 Old levels still valid; Watch this
DENABANK This is flat around 64; Low chances now
DISHMAN Going down; Avoid, for now
IDBI Going down; Avoid, for now
SINTEX See > 94 Showing positive signs; Watch out

None of our Suggests have performed till now, and to be frank, no Suggest looks very
good today; Till now, at least; Some look better than the others, as indicated above;
Be very careful in such markets; Do not set your terminal to auto-buy at the trigger
we have given; Wait for trigger to be crossed confidently; Then wait some more, to
confirm the uptrend; Then take small profit and exit; Buy again, if uptrend
continues; Be very alert and careful; Do not take unnecessary risks;
Stay Away if you are not sure.

The Nifty is flat and quiet in the 8000-8020 range after our last Update; A slight
negative trend is slowly coming in, it seems; Resistance at 8030 has not even been
tested today; There is Support at 7980; This has held yesterday, let's see what
happens today; Global markets are still mixed and the Rupee is still weak at
61.3650; There are no local cues; We hope the Nifty will be able to hold
8000-level; Be watchful; Avoid taking big risks;
Stay Away if you are not sure.




28Oct(12:30) Mkt in green; Flat & Choppy; No Suggest
gave profit; Watch AMBUJACEM>225 BHEL>250 if mkt
turns up; Await Europe openng; See Site -INTDAY


Update-3: 12:30pm

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
AMBUJACEM See > 225 There is a positive trend here; Watch this
BHEL See > 250 This might also get a positive trend; Watch this
DENABANK Still flat below 64; Avoid
DISHMAN Still going down; Avoid
IDBI This might give an upturn; Watch this
SINTEX Going down; Avoid, for now

There is high chance that we will go profit-less today as none of our Suggests have
performed any good till now; It is better to go profit-less, rather than get into
a loss; Be very alert and careful if you want to enter this market now; Do not
take unnecessary risks; Stay Away if you are not sure.

The Nifty has managed to get rid of the slight negative trend that we spoke about
in our last Update, and has gone back into range-bound trading in the 7995-8015
range; Once again, the Support at 7980 has worked well; Asian markets are still
mixed and the Rupee is holding at 61.3250; But Europe is expected to open in
green; Some upside might come into our markets if that happens; But 8030
will be a difficult Resistance to cross for the Nifty; There are no local cues;
We again hope the Nifty will be able to hold 8000-level; Be alert and careful
if you want to enter now; Do not let your guard down; Do not
take undue risks; Stay Away if you are not sure.




28Oct(2:30) Mkt in green; +ve bias; No Suggest gave profit;
Hold AMBUJACEM>225 if in; BHEL Marginal; No Suggest
looks good for LONG in last hr; See Site -INTDAY


Update-4: 2:30pm

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
Hold>225, SL-223
This has positive trend; This can give profits
BHEL Marginal at 250 Trigger was hit; Nothing after that
DENABANK Some downside has come; Avoid
DISHMAN Small upside had come, but did not hold; Avoid
IDBI This does not look good anymore; Avoid
SINTEX Flat & Uncertain; Avoid

Only AMBUJACEM looks like giving some profits today, and the others will go blank
it seems; As we said before, it is better to go profit-less, rather than get into a loss;
But there is high chance that the general market will see some upside now, which can
pull our Suggests higher; But you should not take that risk in the last hour; It is
best to Stay Away and go profit-less today; Do not take unnecessary risks.

The earlier slight negative trend has been replaced by a slight positive bias; Nifty is
just below 8030 now, coming up from below-8000; There can be some more upside
before closing today, but 8030 is a tough Resistance to cross; Asian markets are
closing mostly in the green, Europe is trading all in the green, and the Rupee is at
61.2750; But we do not see Nifty-8030 being crossed by any big margin today
as there are no local cues; But Nifty 8000-level will be held on closing today;
Do not take any undue risks in last hour; Today we will close green.



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