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for Thursday, 03-July-2014














These 6 names were given to our members before market opened today. At about 10am, 2 of these 6 were chosen, based on their initial performance, and StopLoss and Targets were given for these 2. Throughout the day we followed the performance of these 6 stock and gave updates/alerts.


Given below are the Alerts & Updates
we had sent to our members today:



Alerts / Updates for Thursday, 03-July-2014

SMS Pre-Market

Valid for date: 03-July-2014; All for LONG;
See site for full Details


For Today:

NIFTY Resistance levels are: 7750, 7780, 7800, 7840;
NIFTY Support levels are: 7710, 7680, 7650, 7620, 7580;


Pre-Market Alert: 9:15am

Another gap-up opening is expected for our markets today, following
uncertain global cues; Yesterday, the Nifty has passed the earlier high of
7700 as both our indexes surged to life-time highs on hopes of a robust
budget; The Nifty surged nearly 100 points to hit fresh lifetime intraday
high of 7732.40 and a lifetime closing high of 7725.15; Overnight, US
stocks ended one of their flattest sessions in years despite good macro-
economic data; Asian stocks are trading mixed today morning, but all are
marginally in red or green; At home, we saw two upsurges after extended
consolidation; We feel we will see some more consolidation now that
Nifty-7700 has been achieved; It is normal for some profit booking and
portfolio adjustments to come in at such high levels; Immediate target
is now 7750-7780; There is good Support at 7680 and then at 7620;
Follow only select stocks; Do not be in a hurry to get in; Consider
all angles before you buy; Act quickly when you get a good
chance; Take small profits and Exit; Repeat, if possible;
INR-US$ is at 59.6380; WTI Crude is at $104.48




03July(10:00) Gap-up openng; Going down;
See EXIDEIND>158 SSLT>316;
Watch PTC>99 ADANIPORTS>275;
All for LONG if upsurge comes; Details at site -INTDAY


Update-1: 10:00am

Small gap-up opening for the Nifty today, around 7740; Went up to 7750
immediately after opening, and has started to fall after that; Touched a
low of 7710; Nifty around 7725 now; Trying to recover; Trading very
choppy; See these if market upturn comes with supporting volumes:

Name See
to buy
EXIDEIND 158 155 160 163 370
SSLT 316 312 318 321 180

Also watch PTC>99 and ADANIPORTS>275 if upsurge
comes now; Take position in above scrips only if you are
absolutely confident; All for LONG; Stay Away if not sure.



NEWS (10:05am)

BSE to close all markets due to network outage; Stopped
at 9:53am; To resume trading after fixing connectivity issues;
Network service vendor HCL Tech is working to resolve the issue.




03July(11:00) Mkt +ve & flat; 3 Suggests gave profit;
Hold ADANIPORTS>276 if in;
Watch PTC>99.25 SSLT>316 now if mkt turns up;
See Site -INTDAY


Update-2: 11:00am

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
EXIDEIND In at 158, Out at 163 There is good chance of more profits in this
after 163 although it has become flat now
PTC See > 99.25 This had gone down after opening; Then
started rising; There is good chance now
SSLT See > 316 Same as above; Chances here are are little
better as the initial fall wasn't that big
ADANIPORTS In at 275, Out at 276
Hold>276, SL-270
This does not look very good now; But there
is a slight positive bias, which gives hope
BHARATFORG In at 663, Out at 680 Gave a smart and sudden uprise after last
Update; There is chance here for more
NTPC This is the only Suggest that is not showing
any hope today; But you never know ...

ADANIPORTS might lead you into trouble today if you hold it very much longer; Avoid
this if you can; BHARATFORG was not named by us initially, but we went ahead with
PricePoints; It is good if you have got a part of it; All the other Suggests also
have chance for profits if the Nifty starts to go up; But be careful ...
wait for Trigger to be crossed confidently before taking position.

The Nifty has climbed back into the green from a low of 7710 after our last Update;
At 7735 now; Going flat and choppy in the 7720-7740 band; A slight positive bias
may be developing; Asian markets are still around the line; The Rupee is doing
well and is at 59.6800 now; But BSE is still down, having updated till 10:33am;
We expect the Nifty to remain in the green and keep trading quietly in a range
until the BSE problem is resolved; Be prepared for sudden profit-booking
downside; Be patient, and very careful in LONG ...




03July(12:30) Mkt in green; Flat & Choppy; None gave profit;
PTC ADANIPORTS Marginal; None look good for LONG now;
Await Europe openng; See Site -INTDAY


Update-3: 12:30pm

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
EXIDEIND Out at 163.50 A slight negative bias is seen to develop;
There is still chance for sudden profits
PTC In at 99.25, Out at 99.50 This will be considered as Marginal as things
stands now; May give some profits later
SSLT Trigger was not crossed confidently; Downside
has started after that; Low chances now
ADANIPORTS Marginal at 275 This will be considered as Marginal as nothing
has happened here; Now chances are low
BHARATFORG Here also, there is low chance of profits now
as there is no progress after initial rise
NTPC We have not mentioned this in our Updates
so far, but now there can be chance after 159

As can be expected, playing with our Suggests today have been difficult in such flat
and uncertain market; We have not given any further levels to look out for; As we
feel that going forward from here will be very risky; Be very careful; Look at
all aspects before you get in ... Stay Away if already in profit today.

The Nifty has remained above 7700, in the green, after our last Update; Trading
has been flat, choppy and quiet; BSE is still down; The Nifty has remained in
the narrow 7720-7740 band since about 10am; Asian markets are still mixed
and flat around the line; Europe opening is uncertain; The Rupee is holding at
59.6650; There has been some good domestic news: HSBC Services Business
Activity Index (India's services PMI) has come in at a 17-month peak of 54.4
in June rising from a modest 50.2 in May; But this news has gone unheard;
But we expect the Nifty to hold position above 7700 in the green and go
up to 7750; Unless we get any wrong news; Be very careful for sudden
downsides; If you are already in profits today, it is best to Stay Away now.




03July(2:30) Mkt on the line; Flat & Choppy; No Suggest
gave profit; None look good for LONG now; All can profit
if upsurge comes in last hour; See Site -INTDAY


Update-4: 2:30pm

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
EXIDEIND Gone down to 159 from 163, and has become
flat and choppy around 159; Low chances
PTC There has been no progress since last
Update; But chances of profits still there
SSLT This has got stuck below 314;
Has disappointed today
ADANIPORTS This has also gone down steadily; But
there is chance of some profits here
BHARATFORG This has not given any chances after
initial surge; May jump up again later
NTPC This has been very flat and choppy and
disappointed today; Low chances of profits

None of our Suggests could give any additional profits in LONG following our levels
or PricePoints; Again, we have not given any levels now as no Suggest looks good
for LONG at this point; But some Suggest might jump up from present lows if the
Nifty jumps up now towards 7750; But chances fot that is low now.

The Nifty has gone down beyond the lower end of the 7720-7740 range we reported
last time, and had gone below 7710 just now; Looks like the range has now gone
down to 7710-7730; This 7710 is a good Support base; Nifty is at 7720 now,
in the red; Asian markets are closing mixed; Europe is still trading mostly in the
green; The Rupee is holding 59.6750; BSE has resumed trading after a fresh
pre-open session at 1pm; At this time, there is a slight negative bias seen for
the Nifty; We expect quiet, range-bound trading to continue till the end,
and a flat closing around 7720 today; Be very careful in LONG now;
Stay Away if you are already in profit; Today we will close flat.



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