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for Monday, 30-June-2014














These 6 names were given to our members before market opened today. At about 10am, 2 of these 6 were chosen, based on their initial performance, and StopLoss and Targets were given for these 2. Throughout the day we followed the performance of these 6 stock and gave updates/alerts.


Given below are the Alerts & Updates
we had sent to our members today:



Alerts / Updates for Monday, 30-June-2014

SMS Pre-Market

Valid for: 30-June-2014; All for LONG;
See site for full Details


For Today:

NIFTY Resistance levels are: 7540, 7570, 7610, 7650, 7680;
NIFTY Support levels are: 7480, 7440, 7400, 7370, 7330;


Pre-Market Alert: 9:15am

A small gap-up opening is expected for our markets today based on
positive Asian cues; Last Friday, India's stock markets ended flat
on subdued global and domestic scenario; Both the Sensex and
the Nifty lost marginally in the full week; The Nifty continued to
languish in a sideways range for yet another day but was still
above the strong Support level of 7480-7470; On Friday, US stocks
ended the week lower on mixed economic data; For the week, the
Dow and the S&P500 dipped marginally while The Nasdaq added a
little for its sixth weekly rise in the past seven; Asian markets are
trading with a positive bias today; At home, the indexes were seen
trading with slight negative bias for the third successive week but
they managed to close almost unchanged in the end; We believe this
time-wise corrective phase will get over in the coming week and the
Nifty will resume its broader uptrend; The Support at 7480-7470
will continue to hold and Nifty-7610 is the target in the next few
days; The Nifty could make an attempt to scale to 7700 levels as
optimism surrounding the Budget can push stocks higher in the next
few days; Follow only select stocks; Do not be in a hurry to get in;
Consider all angles before you buy; Act quickly when you get a
chance; Take small profits and Exit; Repeat, if possible;
INR-US$ is at 59.9800; WTI Crude is at $105.74




30June(10:00) Gap-up openng; Going up;
See HDIL>100.50 TVSMOTOR>168;
All for LONG if upsurge comes; Details at site -INTDAY


Update-1: 10:00am

30-point gap-up opening for the Nifty today, around 7540; The Nifty
has shown a steady upward trend after opening and has gone up to 7580
level in the first 15-minutes; Around 7590 now; Seems to have got stopped
at this level, before the strong Resistance at 7600-7610; Going flat now;
TVSMOTOR could have already given you some profits in LONG following
our PricePoints; TVSMOTOR should have been in at 166 and out at 168;
If still in, Hold TVSMOTOR>168 with a StopLoss of 165; Otherwise,
See these if market upturn continues with supporting volumes:

Name See
to buy
HDIL 100.50 98 102 104 590
TVSMOTOR 168 165 170 172 350

Also watch BHARATFORG>618 and HEXAWARE>160 if upsurge
holds now; Take position in above scrips only if you are
absolutely confident; All for LONG; Stay Away if not sure.




30June(11:00) Mkt +ve; Going flat; No Suggest gave profit;
Hold BHARATFORG>618 HDIL>101 if in;
Watch FRL>138 IBREALEST>101 now if mkt turns up;
See Site -INTDAY


Update-2: 11:00am

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
Hold>618, SL-612
Try to go Marginal with this as this has
levelled out around 617 after hitting Trigger
HDIL In at 100.50
Hold>101, SL-98
Same here; Has levelled out after hitting
Trigger; Go Marginal if mkt doesn't go up
HEXAWARE Going choppy and flat since opening;
Low chances here unless mkt goes up
FRL See > 138 This is also going flat and choppy, but
there are chances of sudden upsurge here
IBREALEST See > 101 This has shown some upside after opening
that we could not catch; Might turn up again
TVSMOTOR Nothing after the initial surge; Instead,
going down slightly; Low chances now

Two of our Suggest have just hit the Trigger and then have not proceeded any
further; Overall market has also become static; Try and go Marginal with
these unless the overall market improves; For others, wait for Trigger
to be crossed confidently before taking position.

The Nifty has remained flat and choppy in the 7570-7600 zone after our last
update; Trading very quiet after initial upsurge; There is no bias seen to develop
now; Another smart upside might come later, we feel, as the Nifty will try to go
past the strong Resistance at 7600-7610; Be patient, and very careful in LONG ...




30June(12:30) Mkt in green; Slight +ve bias; 2 Suggests gave
profit; Hold BHARATFORG>621 HDIL>101 IBREALEST>101
if in; Await Europe openng; See Site -INTDAY


Update-3: 12:30pm

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
Hold>621, SL-616
This has again become flat just above 621;
Still good chances of profits here
HDIL Out at 621
Hold>621, SL-616
This has also got stuck after reaching 101,
but there are less chances here
HEXAWARE This is very choppy and very flat around 158
since morning; Low chances of profits here
FRL This has shown no promise since morning; Has
started going down now; No chances seen
Hold>101, SL-99
The given trigger was touched very briefly;
If in, go Marginal unless mkt turns up
TVSMOTOR This is flat now after initial burst; Nothing
since that time; But can turn around now

None of our Suggests are doing anything with confidence today; Profits shown by our
Suggests, either by following PricePoints or the levels we gave in our Updates, were
difficult to get; Even now, going forward is very risky; Be very careful ...
Wait for Triggers to be crossed confidently ...

The Nifty has remained flat and choppy in the more narrow 7585-7605 zone after
our last update; Trading very quiet after initial upsurge; There was a slight positive
bias seen to develop earlier, which is still there; Nifty at 7595 now, in the green;
Asian markets are almost all in the green; Europe is also expected to open mostly
in green; The Rupee is holding at 60.0950; Strong Nifty Resistance at 7600-7610 has
stopped further upside since morning today; There is no domestic news, except that
bad monsoons till now will not hurt as more than normal rainfall is expected in July;
If things continue like this, we might see some upside later today, as was expected.




30June(2:45) Mkt in green; +ve bias; BHARATFORG gave
profit; IBREALEST Marginal; BHARATFORG looks good
for more in LONG if upsurge holds now; See Site -INTDAY


Update-4: 2:45pm

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
BHARATFORG Out at 626 This looks like the only Suggest that still
has some chance for profits in last hour
HDIL This still has chance of some profits
in LONG if you have been holding on
HEXAWARE As before, this has remained flat and choppy
in 158-159 band; Low chances of profits
FRL This has developed a slight negative bias;
There is very low chances in this today
IBREALEST This has flattened out around 105.50, and
so, has given chance to come out Marginal
TVSMOTOR This has remained choppy and flat with
no signs of turning up; Low chances here

Except for BHARATFORG, none of our Suggests could give any significant profits
today in LONG following the levels we had given, after the initial burst just after
opening by TVSMOTOR; IBREALEST gave chances to come out with minimum losses
and will be considered Marginal today; For HDIL, if you have been holding on to
this even now, there can be some chances of profits here; Otherwise this also is
Marginal; But it is best to Stay Away now if you have made any profits today.

The Nifty is on a very slow rise and the level of 7610 has been hit just now;
We are still to cross the Resistance at 7600-7610 with certainty, though; The
Nifty is at 7610 now, in the green; Global situation has remained the same with
almost all markets trading in the green; The Rupee is also holding on and is at
60.0655 now; We still feel that the Nifty will not find it easy to cross the
Resistance at 7610 unless we get some positive trigger to give it a push;
No such indication is seen; However, we should try to get a closing above
7600 today; Be very careful in LONG now; Today we will close green.



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