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for Monday, 09-June-2014














These 6 names were given to our members before market opened today. At about 10am, 2 of these 6 were chosen, based on their initial performance, and StopLoss and Targets were given for these 2. Throughout the day we followed the performance of these 6 stock and gave updates/alerts.


Given below are the Alerts & Updates
we had sent to our members today:



Alerts / Updates for Monday, 09-June-2014

SMS Pre-Market

Valid for: 09-June-2014; All for LONG;
See site for Details


For Today:

NIFTY Resistance levels are: 7600, 7620, 7660;
NIFTY Support levels are: 7560, 7520, 7500, 7470, 7440;


Pre-Market Alert: 9:15am

Positive opening is expected for our markets today based on positive trends
in global markets; Last Friday, the Nifty had given us a fantastic run to end
at life-time intraday as well as closing highs; The Nifty has come up more than
100-points to end well above the 7500-mark; This was a follow-up of another
good run on the day before, which was another closing high after 3rd June;
On Friday, US stocks closed at record highs, after nonfarm payrolls report
showed a solid pace of hiring in May, returning employment to its pre-crisis
level; Asian stocks are trading higher today tracking gains on Wall Street after
bright US jobs data pointed to improving economic momentum, while the Dollar
gained today on rising US Treasury yields; At home, positive cues from both
domestic and global fronts have helped our benchmarks to gain nearly 5% last
week; Considering prevailing sentiments, most analysts believe that markets
will continue to march further northward this week also; The April IIP data and
May CPI inflation will be announced on Thursday, June 12 and these would be
important data points later this week; Technically, the market seems over-
bought, so be ready for some profit booking falls in between; Holding the
7500-level is the first job for the Nifty right now; But the Nifty might open
above 7600 today; There is good Support at 7540-7520-7500; On the
upside, there is extrapolated Resistance at 7620 and 7660; Follow
select stocks; Do not be in a hurry to get in; Consider all angles
before you buy; Act quickly when you get a chance; Take small
profits and Exit; Repeat, if possible;
INR-US$ is at 59.1500; WTI Crude is at $102.48




09June(10:00) Gap-up openng; Going good;
For LONG if upsurge comes; Details at site -INTDAY


Update-1: 10:00am

Gap-up opening for the Nifty today, around 7620; Nifty has remaimed in
the 7620-7650 zone after opening and is trading flat and choppy; Nifty
at 7640 now; No particular bias is seen; RECLTD could have already
given you some profits in LONG; RECLTD should have been in at 366
and out at 369; See these now, if market turns up with volumes:

Name See
to buy
RECLTD 370 365 373 375 162
UNIONBANK 260 256 263 268 230

Also watch ADANIPORTS>259 and HEXAWARE>157.50 if upsurge
comes now; Take position in above scrips only if you are
absolutely confident; All for LONG; Stay Away if not sure.




09June(11:00) Mkt +ve; Going up; ADANIPORTS RECLTD
gave profit; Hold RECLTD>372; Watch ONGC>458


Update-2: 11:00am

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
ADANIPORTS In at 259; Out at 261 This was a sudden jump and very diffucult
to catch; You are lucky if you got this!
HEXAWARE Going very choppy, but there is slight
positive bias; There is some chance in this
ONGC See > 458 There has been a downward bias in this right
from the start; Can turn around now
RECLTD In at 370; Out at 372
Hold>372; SL-365
Going up after hitting a low of 365; This
can give more profits if market upturn holds
TATAGLOBAL See > 175 This has been flat and choppy since
opening; Can turn around from the lows
UNIONBANK See > 258 This is some opportunity here if this turns
up with the overall market now

ADANIPORTS RECLTD gave some profits in LONG following the levels we gave in the
last Update; Overall market is going up; Our Suggests can give more profits.

The Nifty has done extremely well to hold position above 7600 and also give robust
growth today; At 7660 now; Has a distinct positive bias now; We have calculated
that there could be Resistance at 7660, but no further levels are available;
Be very careful about sudden profit-booking falls at such high levels.




09June(12:30) Mkt in green; Choppy; HEXAWARE RECLTD
gave profit; No Suggest looks good for LONG now; All can
give profits if mkt goes up again; See Site -INTDAY


Update-3: 12:30pm

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
ADANIPORTS Has fallen back to 253 after our last Update;
Has very small chance of going up now
HEXAWARE In at 157.50; Out at 158.50 These profits were uncertain and risky;
But there is chance of more profits here
ONGC This had gone down to 450 after last
Update; There is constant downside in this
RECLTD Out at 379 There is still chance of more profits
here if overall market goes up again
TATAGLOBAL This has also shown constant downside;
There is low chance here in LONG
UNIONBANK Some chances were being shown here, but
all that is no more; Low prospects here

As mentioned above, HEXAWARE profits were risky following the levels we gave in
the last Updates; There is still chances of more profits in LONG if overall market
starts going up again; Be careful in uncertain markets; Do not risk profits made.

The Nifty has taken a sudden downside from a high of 7670 to a low of 7625 in the
space of 15-minutes just before 12noon; Has now become flat around 7640; The
Resistance calculated at 7660-7670 has worked, it seems; Support has been found
around 7620; Asian markets are still supportive; Europe is expected to open in the
green; The Rupee is holding good at 59.0550 now; We expect the Nifty to remain
flat and choppy around 7640 and develop some more upside later; But you
cannot rule out profit booking at such high levels.




09June(2:30) Mkt in green; +ve bias; No Suggest gave profit;
ONGC>458 RECLTD>375 good for profits in LONG if
upsurge comes again in last hour; See Site -INTDAY


Update-4: 2:30pm

Suggest Action - for LONG Comments
ADANIPORTS This has been flat and choppy since mid-
day; Nothing after that sudden rush
HEXAWARE Range-bound trading around 157-158;
No more chances of profit here
ONGC See > 458 This has shown positive trend from a
low of 450; Can give profits now
RECLTD See > 375 Upward movement seen again after a low
of 367; Chance of a second innings here
TATAGLOBAL Slight upward movement seen after last
Update; But this can be risky in last hour
UNIONBANK Stuck at 254 for quite some time;
Low chances of profits in LONG

None of our Suggests could add any profits in LONG following the levels we gave
in the previous Update; Overall, 3 of our 6 Suggests could give profits today, but
only RECLTD was comfortable to play; If you have made your profits for the day,
it is best you Stay Away now; Do not risk profits already made.

For the Nifty, today has been another historical day as a new life-time high in
intraday has again been created, and we still have more to go; Any green closing,
which is assured now, will create another life-time closing high; Global cues are
still very supportive, as all markets, except Indonasia and Korea, are in the green;
The Rupee is also holding steady at 59.0580 now; We feel, the Nifty will take a
chance at 7700 before closing today; If not, we will get a closing above 7650
at least; Be very careful for sudden downsides if you want to get in now;
Today we will close green.



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