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Friday, 25-Apr-2014


These 6 names were given to our members before market opened today. At about 10am, 2 of these 6 were chosen, based on their initial performance, and StopLoss and Targets were given for these 2. Throughout the day we followed the performance of these 6 stock and gave updates/alerts. Given below are the performance of these 6 stocks today, vis-a-vis the Alerts:















ALERTS for Friday, 25-Apr-2014

SMS Pre-Market

Valid for date: 25-Apr-2014; All for LONG;
See site for full Details


For Today:

NIFTY Resistance levels are: 6850, 6865, 6900;
NIFTY Support levels are: 6820, 6780, 6740, 6710, 6680;


Pre-Market: 9:15am

Flat to slight gap-down opening is expected for the Nifty today
also following down Asian cues; On Wednesday, the Nifty ended
at yet another all-time closing high of 6840.80, led by sustained
buying from FIIs. It touched all-time intraday high of 6861.60;
This was the third consecutive higher expiry, month to month;
Overnight, US stocks ended higher lifted by a rally in Apple
shares a day after the iPad maker's strong results, though
tensions in Ukraine held the broader market in check; Asian
markets are trading mixed as fears of an escalating Ukraine
crisis eclipsed upbeat US economic data and robust US tech
shares; At home, the market is likely to pause and retreat a
little bit as the Resistance at 6850 is still holding strong;
6865 is a new Resistance above that; As before, 6810 is the
First Support followed by the strong Support at 6780; This
level should hold today; We can see deeper correction if
6780 is breached; Choose specific stocks to track and
follow them closely; Do not over react; Consider
all angles before you enter; Act quickly when
you get a good chance; Take small profits
and Exit; Repeat, if possible;
INR-US$ is at 61.0950; WTI Crude is at $101.94




25Apr(10:00) Flat openng; Choppy;
See BANKINDIA>238.50 FRL>140;
Watch AMBUJACEM>217 ZEEL>270;
All for LONG if upsurge comes; Details at site -INTDAY


ALERT-1: 10:00am

Nifty opened flat today; Has been very choppy after opening, and
has been fluctuating around the line; In the red now, at around
6835; BANKINDIA FRL could have already given you some profits
in LONG following our PricePoints; BANKINDIA should have been
in at 236 and out at 238; FRL should have been in at 128 and out
at 137; See these, if market upturn comes now with volumes:

Name See
to buy
BANKINDIA 238.50 235 241 245 250
FRL 140 135 143 145 420

Also watch AMBUJACEM>217 and ZEEL>270 if upsurge
comes; Take position in above scrips only if you are
absolutely confident; All for LONG; Stay Away if not sure.




25Apr(11:00) Mkt -ve & choppy; 2 Suggests gave profit;
Hold BANKINDIA>239 TATASTEEL>433 if in; Watch
DISHTV>50.20 FRL>136 now if mkt turns up; See Site -INTDAY


ALERT-2: 11:00am

Nifty has remained flat and very choppy since opening today,
Nifty is now around 6830; Fluctuating in the 6820-6840 range;
Meanwhile, BANKINDIA could add some profits in LONG following
the levels we had given; BANKINDIA should have been out at
239; If still in, Hold BANKINDIA>239 with a StopLoss of 236; You
could have also taken entry with TATASTEEL with our PricePoints
at 429, and then got out at 432; If still in, Hold TATASTEEL>433
with a StopLoss of 428; If you have taken entry with ZEEL at
270 following our levels, look to go Marginal with this; Watch
DISHTV>50.20 FRL>136 now if market turns up with volumes;
Asian markets are almost all in the red; The Rupee has weakened
further and is at 61.1200 now; For our market, flat and choppy
trading is likely to continue and the Nifty should be able to
hold 6800+ position; Another attempt to cross the Resistance
at 6850 will come later in the day, we feel; Nothing much
will happen, otherwise; But beware of the El Nino threat;
Be very sure and confident if you want to get in for
LONG now; Consider all angles; Get in and
out quickly with small profits;
Stay Away if not sure.




25Apr(12:30) Mkt in red; Going Flat; BANKINDIA gave profit;
Hold BANKINDIA>242 if in; No other look good for LONG
now; Await Europe openng; See Site -INTDAY


ALERT-3: 12:30pm

The Nifty has maintained very flat and choppy in the negative zone
since opening today; Nifty around 6825 now; The strong Resistance
of 6850 has not been tested today; Meanwhile, BANKINDIA has been
able to add to its profits in LONG following our levels; BANKINDIA
should have been out at 242; If still in, Hold BANKINDIA>242 with
a StopLoss of 238; ZEEL was Marginal at 270; No other Suggest looks
good for LONG at this time; AMBUJACEM(210) TATASTEEL(430) FRL(133)
are stuck at the levels shown; All Suggests can give good profits if
market turns up and upsurge comes with increase in volumes; Asian
markets are mostly in the red, but the Rupee has climbed down and is
at 60.9300 now; Europe is expected to open mixed; The expected
trend is upwards towards the end of the day; Be careful in
such uncertain market; Do not be in a hurry to trade;
Do not take big risks; Stay Away if you are unsure.




25Apr(2:30) Nifty in red, below 6800; -ve bias; No Suggest
gave profit; None good for LONG now; All can profit if
upsurge comes in last hour; See Site -INTDAY


ALERT-4: 2:30pm

The Nifty has taken a fall to below 6800-level after our last
Update; It had remained flat and choppy around 6830 for most
part of the day when it fell to 6780-level; The Nifty is again
flat and choppy around 6780 now; Support of 6820 has been
breached but next Support at 6780 is holding; Further Support
is at 6740; Meanwhile, none of our Suggests could give any
profits in LONG following our levels, except for ZEEL -- if
you had entered ZEEL at 270 and held on to it, you could
have exited at 272; No Suggest looks good for profits in LONG
now; All can give profits in LONG if upsurge comes now in the
last hour; Asian markets are closing mostly in the red; Europe
is also trading mostly in the red; But the Rupee has recovered
some more and is at 60.6830 now; For our market, trading is
likely to remain flat and choppy till closing and our expected
upside might not come at the end as Maruti has given bad
Q4 results and the Met Dept is forecasting bad monsoons
this year; A flat uncertain market in the red is very risky
for intraday traders going LONG; But a quick opportunity
can come anytime; Grab it if you can; Do not hold for long;
Take small profit and exit; Repeat, if possible; But
it is best to Stay Away if you are already in
profit today; Today we will close red.




209 211 216 218 220 223 225



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) Trigger Not Reached
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded:
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs.
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. NIL



220 223 229 232 235 238 241



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 236 (0939)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 242 (1205)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 250
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 6
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 1500



414 417 423 426 429 432 435



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 429 (1021)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 432 (1055)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 130
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 3
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 390



44 45 47 48 49 50 51

Also See-1:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) Trigger Not Reached
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded:
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs.
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. NIL



105 109 117 120 124 128 132

Also See-2:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 128 (0928)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 137 (1002)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 460
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 9
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 4140



256 259 263 266 268 270 272

Also See-3:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 270 (1014)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 272 (1253)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 220
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 2
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 440



About the profit figures shown in these pages:
  • Time of BUY/SELL is shown in HHMM format. For example, 1025 means 10:25am; similarly 1439 means 14:39 hours or 2:39pm. These are approximate figures.
  • If a Suggest is mentioned in our Alerts, together with StopLoss and Targets, profit/loss will be shown only if the "See Above" ( > ) figure is crossed and reasonable profits or losses are generated. It is not necessary that Target figures are reached.
  • Once a See Above ( > ) figure is mentioned, we do not show a profit or loss in these pages unless this "trigger" is reached. "NIL" profit is reported if the trigger is not reached at all. If there is profit to be gained outside triggers, these are mentioned in our Alerts.
  • If any Suggest is not mentioned in our Alerts at all at any time throughout the day, "NIL" profit is reported for that Suggest. These do not give any opportunity as per our PricePoints either.
  • "MARGINAL" means that this Suggest neither gave any substantial profit, nor did it put a member into a serious loss situation — if you bought above the indicated level as per our Alert, there was ample chance to get out around that level later on, after you realise that prices are not going up. It can also mean that you should not have entered into this scrip in the first place, because of external circumstances.
  • Once a See Above ( > ) trigger point is mentioned for any Suggest, PricePoints for that Suggest are NOT to be followed any longer. Instead, you have to follow the levels given in our Alerts.


Please Note:
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  2. 'Approx. 1st. Entry Point' is the price at which 'first' entry is made.
  3. There can be more than one entry. Price for subsequent entries not shown.
  4. 'No. of Shares Traded' is calculated on 15k investment and 4x exposure (15000x4=60000) normally allowed by online brokering houses for intraday trading.
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