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Friday, 10-Jan-2014


These 6 names were given to our members before market opened today. At about 10am, 2 of these 6 were chosen, based on their initial performance, and StopLoss and Targets were given for these 2. Throughout the day we followed the performance of these 6 stock and gave updates/alerts. Given below are the performance of these 6 stocks today, vis-a-vis the Alerts:















ALERTS for Friday, 10-Jan-2014

SMS Pre-Market

Valid for date: 10-Jan-2014; All for LONG;
See site for full Details


For Today:

NIFTY Resistance levels are: 6190, 6220, 6240, 6260, 6300;
NIFTY Support levels are: 6160, 6130, 6080, 6050, 6020;


Pre-Market: 9:15am

Flat to slight Gap-down opening is expected in our markets today,
following mixed global cues; Yesterday, the Nifty had another dull,
choppy, flat day of trading in the 6150-6180 range; The First Nifty
Support of 6160 is technically still holding, but the overall bias is still
negative; Overnight, US stocks ended flat ahead of Friday's payrolls
report, which may provide insights into whether the Federal Reserve
will announce another cut in quantitative easing at its meeting this
month; Asian markets are trading mixed tracking the weakness on
Wall Street ahead of Chinese trade data and US jobs due today; At
home, Infosys has declared its company results for Q3 ended Dec31
today morning starting the results season for Q3; Infosys' quarterly
profit rises 21.4%, beats estimates; However, revenues from North
America has declined 0.8% in this period while Europe has grown;
We expect this Infosys result will have good impact in the market;
Critical Support is still at 6130, below which even 6000 is possible;
On the upside, Nifty has to break above 6220 for the bull-phase
to return; As we said earlier, overall trend is still negative; Also
remember, Intraday Trading in LONG in such uncertain, choppy
markets is very risky and should be avoided; Watchout for
sudden downsides at every step; Follow specific stocks;
Be patient and choosy; Act quickly when you see a
good chance; Take small profits, and exit; Repeat;
INR-US$ is at 61.9600; WTI Crude is at $91.66




10Jan(10:00) Flat openg; Went down; Recovering;
See SSLT>197.50 APOLLOTYRE>112.50;
Watch ONGC>279.50 ITC>316.50;
All for LONG if upsurge comes; See site -INTDAY


ALERT-1: 10:00am

Flat opening for the Nifty; Went down immediately after the
Infosys results to touch a low of 6140; Recovering now on
good analysis of Q3 results of Infosys; Nifty on the line at 6170
now; See these, if upsurge comes now with increased volumes:

Name See
to buy
SSLT 197.50 194 200 202 300
APOLLOTYRE 112.50 110 115 117 530

Also watch ONGC>279.50 and ITC>316.50 if upsurge
comes now; Take position in above scrips only if you are
absolutely confident; All for LONG; Stay Away if not sure.




10Jan(11:00) Mkt +ve; Going good; 2 Suggests gave profit;
Hold ONGC>283 SSLT>198.50 ITC>317 if in; Watch NTPC>133.50
now; APOLLOTYRE stuck; See Site -INTDAY


ALERT-2: 11:00am

Nifty has given a good upsurge from 6140 till 6210 now; Still
going up; Strong positive bias; Good Infosys future guidance
has acted as a trigger for our markets; Meanwhile, ONGC SSLT
have given profits in LONG following the levels given in the last
Update; ONGC should have been in at 279.50 and out at 283;
If still in, Hold ONGC>283 with a StopLoss of 280; SSLT should
have been in at 197.50 and out at 198.50; If you are still in it,
Hold SSLT>198.50 with a StopLoss of 280; If you have entered
ITC at 316.50 as per our Update, Hold ITC>317 with a StopLoss
of 315; At this time, watch NTPC>133.50 if the upsurge holds;
APOLLOTYRE is stuck at 111; Asian markets are trading mixed;
The Rupee is also doing well and has come down to 61-level
today; It is at 61.9400 now; For our market, we expect the
Nifty to continue with positive bias and rise above the First
Resistance of 6220; Passage above that is likely to come in
small bursts of 20-points; Be careful of sudden downsides
if you are holding in LONG; Exit when your profits are
made; Stay Away if you are uncertain.




10Jan(12:30) Mkt in green; Going Flat; 4 Suggests gave profit;
Watch ONGC>285 ITC>319 if upsurge comes; NTPC Marginal;
Await Europe openng; See Site -INTDAY


ALERT-3: 12:30pm

Nifty had got stopped at the Resistance of 6220 after our last
Update; Nifty around 6210 now, in the green, going very flat in
a tight range of 6200-6220; Meanwhile, 4 of our Suggests could
give profits in LONG following the levels we have given in our last
Update; ONGC should have been out at 284.50; SSLT should have
been out at 202.50; APOLLOTYRE should have been in at 111.50 and
out at 112.50; ITC should have been out at 319; NTPC was Marginal
at 133.50; Watch ONGC>285 ITC>319 if upsurge comes back now;
Asian markets are slowly turning green; Europe is also expected to
open green; The Rupee has kept on improving and is at 61.9300
now; For our market, the pair of Support and Resistance for the
day, at 6130 and at 6220, were tested today and both have held
tight; We feel that the Nifty will keep within this range and a real
strong trigger is required to take the Nifty past these levels - up
or down; If you have made your profits for the day, it is best to
close shop and go home now, as more range-bound and risky
markets are ahead, we feel; Do not take unnecessary risks;
Do not force anything; If holding, book profits and exit;
Best to Stay Away now.




10Jan(2:30) Mkt in green; Took a fall; 3 Suggests added profit;
ITC>324 still good for more profits in LONG if upsurge comes
again in last hr; See Site -INTDAY


ALERT-4: 2:30pm

The Nifty had gone up to almost 6240 after our last Update, but
then took a sharp fall to about 6175; At the time of our last
Update the Nifty was flat and steady around 6210; At this time,
the Nifty is below 6200, trading choppy around 6190; Still in
the green; Meanwhile, 3 of our Suggests could add to their profits
in LONG following our levels given in the last Update; ONGC should
have been out at 287.50; APOLLOTYRE should have been out at 113;
ITC should have been out at 324; At this time, ITC>324 looks good
for more profits in LONG if upsurge comes again in the last hour;
Global cues are supportive; The Rupee is doing good at 61.8750;
It is quite likely that the Nifty will give another push upwards and
close above 6200 today; It did not happen yesterday, but today
it looks possible; Like before, if you are already in profit today,
we will advise you to Stay Away, as this market is very
unpredictable; Do not take unnecessary risks in last
hour; Do not force anything; Today we will close green.




285 287 293 295 297 300 302



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) Trigger Not Reached
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded:
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs.
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. NIL



265 268 276 279 282 286 289



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 279.50 (1024)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 287.50 (1350)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 210
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 8
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 1680



186 189 196 199 203 206 209



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 197.50 (1033)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 202.50 (1149)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 300
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 5
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 1500



97 102 105 110 111 113 118

Also See-1:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 111.50 (1139)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 113 (1339)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 530
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 1.50
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 790



308 310 312 314 315 316 318

Also See-2:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 316.50 (1033)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 324 (1357)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 180
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 7.50
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 1350



127 128 132 133 134 136 137

Also See-3:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 133.50 (1106)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded:
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs.
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. MARGINAL



About the profit figures shown in these pages:
  • Time of BUY/SELL is shown in HHMM format. For example, 1025 means 10:25am; similarly 1439 means 14:39 hours or 2:39pm. These are approximate figures.
  • If a Suggest is mentioned in our Alerts, together with StopLoss and Targets, profit/loss will be shown only if the "See Above" ( > ) figure is crossed and reasonable profits or losses are generated. It is not necessary that Target figures are reached.
  • Once a See Above ( > ) figure is mentioned, we do not show a profit or loss in these pages unless this "trigger" is reached. "NIL" profit is reported if the trigger is not reached at all. If there is profit to be gained outside triggers, these are mentioned in our Alerts.
  • If any Suggest is not mentioned in our Alerts at all at any time throughout the day, "NIL" profit is reported for that Suggest. These do not give any opportunity as per our PricePoints either.
  • "MARGINAL" means that this Suggest neither gave any substantial profit, nor did it put a member into a serious loss situation — if you bought above the indicated level as per our Alert, there was ample chance to get out around that level later on, after you realise that prices are not going up. It can also mean that you should not have entered into this scrip in the first place, because of external circumstances.
  • Once a See Above ( > ) trigger point is mentioned for any Suggest, PricePoints for that Suggest are NOT to be followed any longer. Instead, you have to follow the levels given in our Alerts.


Please Note:
  1. Charts/Data courtesy NSEI/Yahoo!/Google/iCharts/The Economic Times.
  2. 'Approx. 1st. Entry Point' is the price at which 'first' entry is made.
  3. There can be more than one entry. Price for subsequent entries not shown.
  4. 'No. of Shares Traded' is calculated on 15k investment and 4x exposure (15000x4=60000) normally allowed by online brokering houses for intraday trading.
  5. 'Approx. Profit per Share' is cumulative of all entries.
  6. Figures within curly brackets {} stand for SHORT sell profits.
  7. All figures are indicative only.
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