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Wednesday, 03-Apr-2013


These 6 names were given to our members before market opened today. At about 10am, 2 of these 6 were chosen, based on their initial performance, and StopLoss and Targets were given for these 2. Throughout the day we followed the performance of these 6 stock and gave updates/alerts. Given below are the performance of these 6 stocks today, vis-a-vis the Alerts:















ALERTS for Wednesday, 03-Apr-2013

SMS Pre-Market

Valid for: 03-Apr-2013; All for LONG;
See site for full Details


Pre-Market: 9:00am

Our market is expected to open flat today following
mixed Asian cues; Yesterday, The Nifty extended good
intraday gains and closed near day's high of 5,750
on the back of positive cues from European peers and
short coverings maintaining positive trend throughout;
Overnight, US stock markets rose with the US S&P 500
index nearing its all-time high; Asian shares are
trading flat today morning ahead of key US jobs data
and news from central bank policy meetings in Japan
and Europe due later in the week; Back home, the deal
between the Ambani brothers is the only event to raise
interest; There is still doubt whether the current
relief rally will take the Nifty to 5800-5840 levels;
No local triggers; Our market driven by global cues;
INR-US$ is at 54.3030; WTI Crude is at $96.79;

NIFTY Resistance levels today are: 5760, 5780, 5810, 5850, 5880;
NIFTY Support levels are at: 5720, 5690, 5670, 5640, 5615;

Flat to slight gap-down opening and restrained, low-
volume trading is expected again today also by our team;
Yesterday's volumes were a little better and the trend
was positive and sustained throughout; The Nifty got
stopped at the Resistance of 5750; This might prove
difficult to cross today; Nifty 5800-5840 is still
the target; For Intraday Trade in LONG: The slow,
overall positive trend should continue today also;
But we might see some range-bound flat trading in
the initial stages; Be prepared for some downsides;
Like before, be stock specific; Be patient and wait
for a good chance; Be quick to take action when you
get the chance; Study all technical data before you
commit your money; Do not follow our Alerts
blindly; Do not take big risks; Take small
profits and exit; Repeat, if possible;
Stay Away if not sure.




03Apr(10:00) Gap-down openng; Going Flat;
Watch SINTEX>51 LICHSGFIN>235.50;
All for LONG; Details at site -INTDAY


ALERT-1: 10:00am

Slight gap-down opening for the NIFTY; Going choppy in
the red; See these, if the market goes up now:

Name See
to buy
PANTALOONR 159.50 157 161 163 370
SYNDIBANK 119.50 117 121 123 500

Also watch SINTEX>51 and LICHSGFIN>235.50 if upsurge
comes; Take position in above scrips only if you are
absolutely confident; Stay Away if not sure; All for LONG.

NIFTY around 5735 now; Opened around same;
Going choppy and flat in the red; First Resistance is
at 5750; More Resistance is at 5780; First Support
is at 5720; Next Support is at 5690; For Intraday
in LONG today: There will mostly be range-bound
trading with possibilities of some downsides; But
these will not be very strong, we feel; Be cautious
and Alert; Do not take position unless you are sure;
Look at specific stocks; Be quick to take action
when you get a chance; Then, get out with minimum
profits; Repeat, if possible; On the downside,
Exit quickly on any signal of fall; Do not
wait for StopLoss; Stay Away if in doubt.




03Apr(12:45) Mkt in red; Choppy; PANTALOONR
gave profit; LICHSGFIN was bad; PANTALOONR>165
TATAGLOBAL>135 look good now; Await Europe
openng; See Site -INTDAY


ALERT-2: 12:45pm

The slight positive trend we saw in the NIFTY was
not very strong and did not hold; Downside came in
sometime back; PANTALOONR could give some profits
in LONG based on our last Alert; PANTALOONR should
have been in at 159.50 and out at 164; If you have
entered LICHSGFIN at 235.50 as per our last Alert,
you could be in a loss situation now; You should have
Exited LICHSGFIN at 234 to minimise losses; At this
time, PANTALOONR>165 TATAGLOBAL>135 look good
for LONG if market turns up with volume; Get in
only if you are sure and confident;
Otherwise, Stay Away.

NIFTY around 5725 now; Had touched a high of 5745
before coming down again; In the red now with negative
bias; First Resistance of 5750 has acted strong and
prevented a rise into the green exactly as we had feared
in the morning Update; Still active; First Support at
5720 is being approached now and will be tested shortly;
Should hold for some time; Next Support is at 5690;
For Intraday in LONG now: Range-bound trading within
5720-5750 will be there until Europe opens; Chances
of some more downsides, specially if Europe opens bad;
Be cautious and alert for any good opportunity on
select stocks; Keep constant vigil if you are
entering now; Exit with small profits;
Stay Away, if in doubt.




03Apr(2:30) Mkt in red; -ve bias; 3 Suggests
gave profit; None looks good for LONG now;
All can profit from lows if upsurge comes
in last hour; See Site -INTDAY


ALERT-3: 2:30pm

NIFTY was maintaining flat range-bound trading
when a small downside came at 2pm; 3 Suggests
could give small profits in LONG after our last
Alert; PANTALOONR could add to its profits by
Exiting at 169; SYNDIBANK should have been in
at 118.50 and out at 120; RCOM should have been
in at 67 and out at 67.75; However, both these
two would have required an expert hand to get
these profits; PANTALOONR was easy, and there
was no scope to make up the losses at LICHSGFIN;
No Suggest looks good for LONG now; All can give
profits from present lows in LONG if upsurge
comes in last hour; Careful...
Stay Away if not sure.

NIFTY around 5715 now; As we had correctly said in
our last Alert, the market saw a good 20-point down
side; Support of 5720 seems to have been breached;
This will take the range down; Next Support is now at
5700-5690; First Resistance is at 5730; Next Resistance
will be at 5750; Asian markets are closing mainly green,
with Japan 3% plus; But most European markets are
in the red at this time; The NIFTY might find it difficult to
hold on to 5700 today; Some more downside can come;
But we hope the market will level out and give a closing
above 5700; That is the target now; Do not take any
big risks in the last hour; Do not risk profits
already made; Today we will close red.




147 149 154 156 158 161 163



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 159.50 (1011)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 169 (1331)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 370
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 9.50
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 3510



45 46 47 48 49 50 51



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) — Stay Away —
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded:
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs.
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. NIL



111 112 116 117 118 120 121



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 118.50 (1353)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 120 (1356)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 500
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 1.50
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 750



214 219 224 229 231 233 238

Also See-1:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 235.50 (1016)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) StopLoss: 234 (1033)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 250
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. -1.50
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. -370



49 52 60 63 67 71 74

Also See-2:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 67 (1320)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 67.75 (1359)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 890
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 0.75
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 660



129 130 133 134 135 136 137

Also See-3:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) — Stay Away —
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded:
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs.
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. NIL



About the profit figures shown in these pages:
  • Time of BUY/SELL is shown in HHMM format. For example, 1025 means 10:25am; similarly 1439 means 14:39 hours or 2:39pm. These are approximate figures.
  • If a Suggest is mentioned in our Alerts, together with StopLoss and Targets, profit will be shown only if the 'See Above' figure is crossed positively and reasonable profits are generated. It is not necessary that Target figures are reached.
  • Once a See Above ( > ) figure is mentioned, we do not show a profit in these pages unless this figure is crossed positively. "Stay Away" is reported even if there is profit to be gained from this Suggest.
  • "Stay Away" is also reported for any Suggest that is not mentioned in our Alert which also does not give any opportunity as per our PricePoints.
  • "MARGINAL" means that this Suggest neither gave any substantial profit, nor did it put a member into a loss situation — if you bought above the indicated level as per our Alert, there was ample chance to get out around that level later on after you realise that prices are not going up. It can also mean that you should not have entered into this scrip in the first place, because of external circumstances.
  • Profit shown for any Suggest that is not mentioned in any Alert is as per our PricePoints. Reasonable profits will have to be generated — it is not necessary that any exact PricePoints are reached.


Please Note:
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  2. 'Approx. 1st. Entry Point' is the price at which 'first' entry is made.
  3. There can be more than one entry. Price for subsequent entries not shown.
  4. 'No. of Shares Traded' is calculated on 15k investment and 4x exposure (15000x4=60000) normally allowed by online brokering houses for intraday trading.
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