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Tuesday, 31-July-2012


These 6 names were given to our members before market opened today. At about 10am, 2 of these 6 were chosen, based on their initial performance, and StopLoss and Targets were given for these 2. Throughout the day we followed the performance of these 6 stock and gave updates/alerts. Given below are the performance of these 6 stocks today, vis-a-vis the Alerts:















ALERTS for Tuesday, 31-July-2012

Pre-Market: 9:00am

Gap-up opening and robust trading expected in our markets today also;
But there will be caution among traders before the BRI's review of the
Monetary Policy later today. Although bankers expect RBI to cut the Cash
Reserve Ratio (CRR) by up to 0.5 per cent, a rate cut seems unlikely
given the elevated inflation level; What reaction this will have in the
market is unknown at this time; Overnight, US stocks finished mostly flat
after two days of gains ahead of the central bank meetings; Asian shares
also paused today morning on same grounds, but are trading mostly positive
at this time; The US Fed starts a 2-day interest rate policy meeting today.
Our market is slated to open good and trade strong following good global
cues; The RBI policy meet today will be awaited but the market seems to
have already factored in a no-rate-change situation; Failing monsoons,
falling Rupee, company Q1 results and global cues are more important now;
INR-US$ is at 55.4700; WTI Crude is at $89.56;

NIFTY Resistance levels today are: 5210, 5230, 5255, 5270, 5300;
NIFTY Support levels are at: 5175, 5150, 5120, 5080, 5050;

Market sentiments are up today morning also on positive global cues;
Gap-up opening and positive trading is being expected today also;
We feel, we'll open gap-up but the market will not be as positive as
yesterday till RBI announcement; Reaction after that is unknown; but
will not be very drastic, we feel; Slow, choppy movement with uncertain
trend expected most of the day; A relief rally is expected later today,
specially if RBI helps and global and European cues remain positive;
For Intraday: Play with caution, but play smart; Be careful in choppy
market and be quick to take your profits when they come; Stay Away if
not certain; Do not take big risks, in LONG; Even when you follow
our Alerts; Take small small profits and exit; Repeat.


ALERT-1: 10:00am

Small Gap-up opening for the NIFTY; Going down into the red now;
Till the next Alert, See these if the market turns up:

Name See
to buy
POWERGRID 119.50 118 122 123 500
NTPC 158 156 161 162 370

Also watch ITC>260 and TATASTEEL>408 if market turns up;
Take position in above scrips only if you are absolutely confident;
Stay Away if not sure; All for LONG;

NIFTY around 5195 now; Opened above 5215; Coming down steadily;
NIFTY has gone into the red zone now; 5190 has stopped the fall;
That is the first Support level now; More Support is at 5175;
First Resistance is at 5210-5230; More Resistance is at 5255;
Market direction uncertain as of now; Best to Wait & Watch till
RBI's announcement and market reaction; Asian markets are mixed
at this time; Our market should hold position and remain flat for
some time; Some positive trend also likely to develop later; Be
cautious and careful as sudden downside can come anytime;
Maintain StopLoss if entering; Stay Away if not sure;
Do not take big risks; Take small profit and exit; Repeat.


ALERT-2: 11:00am

Market fluctuating around the line; Slight Negative trend stopped;
RBI has kept key policy rates unchanged as was expected by the market;
No Suggest gave any profits in LONG since our last Alert;
All Suggests can give profits now from present low levels if upsurge
comes with volume; See these levels: HDIL(79.50) POWERGRID(119)
TITAN(231) ITC(260) NTPC(158); Be sure & certain when taking
position; Stay Away if not certain; And get out at first hint
of downfall with marginal profits; All for LONG.

NIFTY stuck around the line since opening; Trading choppy in the 5190-
5200 range; Went down to below 5180 just before RBI announcement;
Recovered back to the line now; NIFTY Strong Support is still at 5190;
Next Support is at 5175; Both are very active as of now; NIFTY First
Resistance is still at 5210-5230; More Resistance is at 5255;
Asian markets are still mostly green at this time; Trading uncertain;
Our market will consolidate for some more time and continue to have
flat, choppy trading; Some positive trend is still likely to develop later
today; Be careful and watchful; Sudden downside can come anytime;
Stay Away if not sure; Keep strict StopLoss if entering or holding;
Avoid taking big risks; Take small small profits; Repeat.


ALERT-3: 12:30pm

NIFTY back in the red; Took a fall after RBI policy announcement;
Going Flat now after slight negative trend was stopped; HDIL
has been marginal at 80; If still in, Hold TITAN>232 keeping a
StopLoss of 229; See now NTPC>158; Watch carefully, and release
with marginal profits at first hint of downside; Today's market
not good for Intraday Trading; Best to Stay Away; No point in
holding on until market turns up; Maintain strict StopLoss if
entering/holding; All for LONG.

NIFTY around 5170 now; Came up from a low of 5155; Before that
NIFTY had taken a 40-point fall from 5205 to 5155; Has got stuck now
at the 5170 level; Support of 5190 and 5175 have been breached; Next
Support is now at 5150 and 5120; First Resistance is still at 5210;
NIFTY levels of 5170-5150 needs to be held to prevent more downside;
Asian markets are mostly in green; But Europe is opening mixed and
are expected to be directionless; Our market expected to remain flat
and directionless for some time; We will recover to the line if we
get support from Europe; But be careful as more downside is possible
if Europe goes red; Maintain strict StopLoss if holding/entering
any stock; If you get opportunity, take small profits and exit;
Repeat, if possible.


ALERT-4: 2:45pm

NIFTY back in the green; Taken a smart rise from 5170 to above 5220;
Trying to Hold on to gains right now; Going choppy around 5210-5220;
All except NTPC have given slight profits in LONG since our last Alert;
HDIL should have been in at 78.50 and out at 79.50; POWERGRID
should have been in at 119.50 and out at 120.50; TITAN should have
been in at 232 and out at 233; ITC should have been in at 259 and
out at 260.50; TATASTEEL should have been in at 406 and out at 411;
None look good now; All can give profits in LONG if surge comes back;
Be careful; Release with minimal profits at first indication of fall;
Maintain strict StopLoss if entering; All for LONG.

NIFTY around 5210 now; Reached a top of 5225 at about 2:15pm from
a low of 5155; The market has understood the advantages of no increase
of rates by RBI and reacted favourably; Some more upside still possible
as global cues are supportive; But the huge power failure in half of
the country is taking a toll; First Support is now at 5190; More Support
is at 5170; First Resistance is now at 5255; That is the target for the
day; Our market likely to hold current progress; Be very watchful and
absolutely sure if taking position; Do not risk profits already made;
Today we will close green.




73 74 78 79 81 83 84



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 78.50 (1312)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 79.50 (1409)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 760
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 1
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 760



112 113 116 117 119 121 122



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 119.50 (1324)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 120.50 (1403)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 500
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 1
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 500



223 225 230 232 234 237 239



Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 232 (1136)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 233 (1316)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 250
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 1
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 250



252 253 256 258 259 261 262

Also See-1:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 259 (1322)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 260.50 (1434)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 230
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 1.50
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 340



151 152 156 157 159 161 162

Also See-2:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) — Stay Away —
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded:
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs.
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. NIL



397 400 406 409 412 416 418

Also See-3:


Approx. 1st Entry Point: Rs. (Time) 406 (1310)
Approx. 1st Exit Point: Rs. (Time) 416 (1526)
Avg. No. of Shares Traded: 140
Approx. Profit per Share: Rs. 10
Approx. Profit Today: Rs. 1400



About the profit figures shown in these pages:
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  • If a Suggest is mentioned in our Alerts, together with StopLoss and Targets, profit will be shown only if the 'See Above' figure is crossed positively and reasonable profits are generated. It is not necessary that Target figures are reached.
  • Once a See Above ( > ) figure is mentioned, we do not show a profit in these pages unless this figure is crossed positively. "Stay Away" is reported even if there is profit to be gained from this Suggest.
  • "Stay Away" is also reported for any Suggest that is not mentioned in our Alert which also does not give any opportunity as per our PricePoints.
  • "MARGINAL" means that this Suggest neither gave any substantial profit, nor did it put a member into a loss situation — if you bought above the indicated level as per our Alert, there was ample chance to get out around that level later on after you realise that prices are not going up. It can also mean that you should not have entered into this scrip in the first place, because of external circumstances.
  • Profit shown for any Suggest that is not mentioned in any Alert is as per our PricePoints. Reasonable profits will have to be generated — it is not necessary that any exact PricePoints are reached.


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