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In a Nutshell

this is what this site will give you


As mentioned at this site, every trade-day morning, before market opens, we will give you the names of 6 stocks that we feel will give you good intraday profits in LONG for that day. We also say that at least one of these will give you minimum 300 profit from investment of 15000 in intraday trade for LONG. That is all. We cannot tell you exactly which one; or what exact profit it will give; or at what time of the day.

Therefore, we ask our members to monitor these 6 stocks in that day and invest in one or more of these in LONG if the opportunity presents itself. We never say that you invest in all 6. In fact, we advice that you take one at a time. And invest small, max 5000 for beginners.

This is the main and only objective of our site.


As an added service, we provide you with the following:

(1) We give 'PricePoints' for the 6 scrips mentioned.

(2) After market opens we study the progress of our 6 Suggests and select 2 out of them that we feel are doing good. At that point it seems that these 2 will give you good profits today. For these two we give you Buy-Above, StopLoss and Targets. We also give 2 follow-up choices. You are free to agree or disagree with our choices. Whether you take a position on any one of them, or more that one of them, at what price, are totally dependent on you.

(3) Although we give a Target(Exit) price, we say this: get out with minimum profit — DO NOT wait for our Targets to be reached. If a maximum is reached and then you see the prices falling, just get out. This is our 'minimum-maximum' profit theory.

(4) At certain times throughout the day, we also provide follow-ups on all our 6 Suggests, only to point out how they have been doing till then, and what the immediate-future outlook is like.

(5) These followups are sent by SMS and are also available at our site. Members will have to login to see them.

(6) At the end of the day, we provide an analysis of what the day has been for our 6 Suggests that we had mentioned before market hours. This is done vis-a-vis our Alerts throughout the day. The analysis tells you that if you had invested 15000 on this stock at the given price, following our PricePoints and Alerts, you would have made a profit of so-much today going by our 'minimum-maximum' profit theory. If Target1 or Target2 is reached, very good. Otherwise forget Targets. Whether you actually have made that profit or not, depends totally on how you have played on that day.

That is all we can say about that!

As can be seen from our past performance, our choice of the 6 Suggests have been very good consistently. 300+ profits have been given by more that one Suggest very regularly. And most of our members have benefitted immensely by following just 6 scrips everyday and investing in one or more as opportunity comes. All in a day. No carry forward. Tomorrow will be a new day with 6 new Suggests.

Interested in what we do? Take a Trial, come back for Monthly Membership if our system suits you. We are very affordable :-) Happy Trading...