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Why no Triggers & Entry/Exit Points?

  • We do not give any trigger or entry/exit point in advance before market hours as we firmly believe that they act as barriers — you will not take any position until a trigger is reached, but by then the stock price may have changed by several points and you will miss a golden opportunity.
  • Our system allows you to take advantage of a movement immediately as it happens. You do not miss any opportunity whatsoever. Once the movement is confirmed, you decide on entry/exit points and play accordingly.
  • Exact entry and exit points will vary from person to person depending on your risk taking abilities. Meaning, how much loss you are willing to bear, how much profit you are expecting, your financial position now, etc.
  • Suppose you decide to risk a total of Rs.1000/- today — your stoploss will be as per that. But if you have already made a profit of Rs. 500/- on another stock a few minutes ago, you may take a different stoploss. It is not possible to make a flat prediction that will be applicable to everyone at every point in time.
  • With our 'suggests', together with PricePoints that will act as guidelines on your chart, you are free to enter and leave at any point you feel comfortable with. You may choose not to play at all. The choice is entirely yours.
  • At the end of the day we give you an analysis of what we thought were good entry and exit points, and the expected profit from such action. Your exact entry and exit points may have been totally different, and it is possible that you have made a profit/loss which is far removed from what we have shown.